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Anonymous asked: What kanji are you considering for Kina-chan? I'm super curious!

Prepare yourself to be disappointed…we haven’t looked in a while.
It’s been so long that I actually can’t remember any of them.
I’ll be sure to post some ideas when we come up with them unless we do the Japanese thing and not announce it until 7 days after her birth (I think that’s what it is)

marinelifefitness asked: Thanks for answering. I saw the links you put up for the other ask! not sure why i asked on anon :)

Oh that was you! Haha!
Well there you go too!

willthatfitinmysuitcase asked: Ooh i would love a link to other lovely back ladies in Japan. Moving there next week wednesday to teach. ESL teacher by trade. Already taught in Indonesia and Turkey and am about to start the Japan adventure next week. I've been enjoying creep/stalking your posts. :)

Here`s the list of the few POC ladies and gentlemen that I follow personally who live and teach out this way! I am always looking for more but they seem to always find me first and I follow back! 

I may have misspelled some people`s urls so please let me know if any of them don`t work correctly/ Also I hope I haven`t left anyone out so please hit me up if I did! 

You`re going to have a great experience and I`m going to have to do some stalking of my own to read up on what it was like for you out in Indonesia and Turkey! That is so amazing! 

Good luck on your trip over and I`m looking forward to your future posts! Don`t be a stranger! 

Anonymous asked: What editing software do you use for you videos if you do use any that is? Love your blog and videos! Best of wishes:)

I get this question a lot!
I actually only use iMovie on the iPhone 5! It’s not that fancy but I’m hoping to upgrade over the next year to at least an iPad but praying for a MacBook so I have more to work with and can step up my editing game!
Thank you! All is going well! Just trying not to melt now that I’m experiencing Fukuoka’s summer post-rainy season a.k.a hell.

Anonymous asked: Hello! I've been searching for a link to your old blog but i cant find it anywhere. It's probably right in front of my eyes... I'm really interested in the Jet program and i love find blogs by black women on their experience since that is one of the things i'm most worried about. Link please?!

It’s easy to lose track of stuff here on Tumblr!
My other blog was: ramandabinsapporoshi.tumblr.com! It’s nothing but my queue posting now but have fun reading through it! I actually catch myself reading through stuff on there just to see how ridiculous my life was at times. Haha!
There are a good few black ladies I know on Tumblr living either here in Japan or Korea!
I would link them right now but I’m on mobile and trying not to pass back out from breakfast. If you hit me back up off anon I can send them to you but I’m sure most of those lovely ladies will like this post if they see it and you can check back here!

My welcome back to Japan breakfast: Unagi Chocolate Bread!
The sticker says that there actually isn’t any real eel in it. Just chocolate and some kind of custard.
During the summer, Japanese people believe that eating eel will help combat the heat…but will bread shaped like an eel covered in chocolate do the same?

Good morning to you too, loud ass cicadas!

Jet lag got me up 2 hours ago but I actually managed to unpack everything, organize all my new products and makeup, shaped up my non-existent eyebrows, and mentally got myself back in the mindset that I’m in Japan again.
The last leg of my trip back was rough. There was a lot of turbulence flying from D.C which was unnerving but not as unnerving as the old dude who sat across the aisle from me who couldn’t keep still and was making all the flight attendants nervous by constantly getting up and even had the nerve to get all his bags out of the overhead 10 minutes before we even landed. Smh. Luckily, I didn’t have anyone sitting next to or behind me so that eased some of the discomfort of that 13 hour flight but not by much. There were no good movies except for Out of the Furnace (love me some Christian Bale) so I half-ass watched like 20 minutes of each and promptly passed out on them. United also has the grossest food. I will not be flying with them again if I can help it.
Tokyo was hot as balls but thank Zeus for having a Special Re-entry Permit because immigration seems to be the hottest place in Narita. Got my bags, checked them in again, and caught my last and most uncomfortable flight to Fukuoka. I was smashed between some other foreigner who looked like a sleepy Andre the Giant who was so knocked out before we even took off I had to get a flight attendant to wake him up so I could get to my seat and some Japanese guy who smelled like cheesy roast beef. They both would not let me use either of the arm rests so it was a fun 2 hours of me awkwardly holding my arms out of the way while sweating profusely and trying to nap at the broke neck angle ANA has their seats set to.
Needless to say, I was beyond happy to land, get my stuff, and see Daisuke waiting for me at the terminal! We held hands the entire ride home as I complained about all previously written as he whined about how hot Fukuoka has gotten since rainy season ended. We ordered a pizza, I showed him all of the goodies I brought back, and lazed under the AC until we couldn’t keep our eyes open.
He took the day off today so we’re going to clean the apartment that managed to end up looking like his old bachelor’s pad with me being gone, buy groceries because there is nothing in the fridge since he ate nothing but conbini bentos the whole 2 weeks, & go see Godzilla!
I’m back y’all!